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“Dear friends, we are on a sabbatical overland trip during the fall semester of 2019. We will be inconsistent in our communication and sometimes in the middle of nowhere without cell reception. But don't worry, we'll be bringing good stuff your way after we learn and grow from our adventures. You can follow our travels on Instagram we go by the name Taosurfers. You can follow us on Twitter @thepynp.”

—Jeff and Stacie


Protect Your Noggin Podcast


Our approach

Discernment with compassion.

After more than two decades connected to religious education through teaching and administrative work, Jeff and Stacie came to realize that the way many religious communities teach their traditions can lead to trauma and—even worse—create situations that open the door to further manipulation and abuse. Research suggests that simply establishing institutional protocols, background checks, and rules about mandatory reporting of abuse are ineffective if leaders and members aren’t educated about the ways in which religious manipulation works theologically and psychologically. To remedy this, they decided to focus their life’s work on providing resources that help people find freedom and deep peace either by avoiding manipulative leaders altogether or getting free from them by learning to use bold discernment (which they define as recognizing reality with deep compassion). The primary tools for this are a podcast called Protect Your Noggin and book studies for individuals and groups that teach important intellectual skills. The first upcoming book study, Protect Your Noggin with Jesus, examines teachings of Jesus that empower people to love all but cower before none. They are about boldness rather than fear, discernment versus judgment. Come along with us on the adventure, and don’t worry, we got this.


“Precisely because religion is so inspiring & meaningful to people, it can be harmful & sometimes traumatizing when done badly. This is why we need more training in the defense against the dark arts.”—Jeff Mallinson



We’d love to hear from you. Maybe you’d love to collaborate. Maybe you’d like to be on the podcast or have an idea for a guest. Maybe you’d like to get your hands on an advanced copy of our study materials. Reach out!


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