It all started when…

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Jeff was researching the phenomenon of child sacrifice to Molech during a sabbatical. Drawing connections between this ancient practice and current religious life, he realized that parents may accidentally expose their children to harm in the name of religion. They think they’re doing the right thing but the kids end up getting emotionally “burned.” While background checks, protocols and watchdog organizations can be important safeguards, Mallinson believes that training people in the intellectual virtues needed to withstand manipulation is essential. It is for people of any age who want to consider ancient wisdom from religious teachers speaking against authoritarian and unhealthy forms of religion and human relationships.

The Protect Your Noggin book study series will provide twelve studies (three months of weekly discussions) that begin with a profound teaching and then present a powerful question that can carry a half hour or more of discussion and contemplation. There will be extra material, commentary, stories, and follow up questions provided, in case a group isn’t too talkative.

The first volume: Protect Your Noggin With Jesus

We make no promises as to the production schedule of future volumes, but we are dedicated t producing the first volume before the end of 2019. This first study will provide twelve challenging but transformative teachings from Jesus that encourage people to think critically, live boldly, and resist the burdens and manipulations of hypocritical religious folks. It will also help people apply these lessons to family, work, and dating relationships. Each lesson can be tailored to fit the age range and interests of the participants.

If you are a religious educator

Contact us at if you are an educator who might be interested in beta testing our materials before official release. We want to make sure that the ultimate application of the material is easy to use and transformative.